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Beach Towns

Rehoboth Beach

Known as "the nation's summer capital," Rehoboth has long remained one of the most popular vactation destinations on the coast. The famous beach and boardwalk is surrounded by an area that's teeming with restaurants, stores, specialty shops and, of course, countless Real Estate opportunities. More about Rehoboth Beach Real Estate >>>

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The "first town in the first state," Lewes is littered with historical homes and landmarks that have long made it a popular destination among tourists. A relaxed atmosphere that sports all of the small town charm you'd expect, Lewes is a great spot to visit - or to relocate to. More about Lewes Real Estate >>>

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Dewey Beach

Small but firey, Dewey Beach lies just south of Rehoboth and is one of the livelier towns you'll find in Southern Delaware. With an active nightlife, constant concerts and festivals and a beautiful beach of its own, Dewey Beach offers a more exciting lifestyle while still delivering the unique traits of Delaware beach living. More about Dewey Beach Real Estate >>>

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Bethany Beach

Far quieter and more out of the way than its neighbors to the north, Bethany provides more secluded offerings that are ideal for families and retirees alike. While the town's beach is adorned with a boardwalk, Bethany places more emphasis on relaxation and privacy than nightlife - making it an ideal alternative to beach goers who simply want to get away from the sights and sounds of society every now and then. More about Bethany Beach Real Estate >>>

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